Turath Writers’ Program


Turath Publishing is a leader in translating classical Islamic texts into English. We have been working on various publications for the past 25 years. Turath Publishing has now established “The Turath Writers’ Grants for innovative contributions to Islamic scholarship”. Having commissioned the translation of numerous Islamic texts during our time, we recognise the need to encourage the production of original and creative content by talented Muslim writers and scholars, who in return will contribute their work to our English readership. This Grant is in recognition of the growing needs of the Muslim community around the world for authentic and rich content that is consistent with their intellectual and spiritual needs. Proposed projects should recognise the sophisticated religious and sociocultural needs of the Muslim community and address such demands with reader empathy in mind.

These Grants will be awarded for projects intended to serve the community and is not to be a substitute for realising an academic qualification. Therefore, the project must be demonstrably community-focussed and appeal to such an audience in form, style and content. In addition, particular consideration will be given for rigorously presented and persuasive projects that clearly reflect a community-oriented focus with relevant outputs. Highly-technical and abstract submissions that are unlikely to serve the intellectual and spiritual needs of the general audience ought to be avoided.

Suggested project categories may include but not limited to: 

Suggested project categories may include but not limited to:

  • Ethics
  • Mental health
  • Human rights
  • Disability
  • Non-human animals
  • Environment & climate
  • Racism
  • Spirituality
  • Gender and identity
  • Politics & citizenship
  • Status & role of women
  • Muslim & non-Muslim relations
  • The relevance of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the contemporary world.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age 21 and over
  • UK citizenship
  • Degree awarded at least 2:1
  • Qualification from a recognised Muslim seminary or equivalent 
  • All writing must be in English and must not be substantive translations
  • Applicants enrolled in any graduate or postgraduate creative writing programme or are part any funded programme for writers are not eligible to apply
  • Applicants must not have an agent representing them
  • Applicants must not have an existing book contract with a publisher
  • Applicants cannot reproduce or replicate anything already published either under their name or any other affiliation whether as an individual or group
  • If the applicant is already a recipient of the Turath Writer’s Grant, they are not eligible to apply
  • Immediate family members of any of the judges or trustees are not eligible to apply

Applicants are required to send: 

  1. A full CV
  2. A letter explaining the significance and originality of the proposed project as well as your motivation to pursue it. (1000 words)
  3. Title and Table of Contents 
  4. The names and contact details of two referees

An annual grant of £3,500 will be given congruent with the proposal and funds. 


Grant awardees are committed to the following: 

  1. To write an interim report on the project’s progress (1,000 words)
  2. To write a completed draft in the timescale agreed
  3. To assist Turath Publishing in the promotion of the book whether that includes presenting a lecture at the book launch at its London-based office or appropriate alternative venue or any social media platform
  4. To participate in a UK-wide book tour, or a similar commitment to help in the promotion of the published book, as per the instructions of the trustees


Judging Criteria

Each application will be judged according to a wide spectrum of specialists

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