Assalaamu Alaikum

Hope you are in the best of health and imaan

No Muslim would doubt the importance of gaining Islamic knowledge, its virtues and the benefits it provides not just for those sincere determined individuals but for the local community as well. Such individuals require help in a number of ways – financial support, contacts, access to teachers, and careers guidance. Turath Publishing is committed to education in its widest possible sense and encourages Muslims in Britain to invest in building a lasting community infrastructure of learned scholars. We are hoping to initiate this project by:

  • Acting as a supporting interface in helping individuals network with other educational organisations
  • Provide financial help to individuals across the UK who have a clear proposal indicating a specific need in their local community which they are willing to offer.
  • Getting advice from scholars, community leaders, heads of Muslim organisations and Islamic Seminaries from across the country
  • Setting up an online forum for open discussions/suggestions made by benefactors and advisors about potential applicants and their proposals

How we think you can help:

  • If you are an Islamic educational organisation then it would be helpful if you can send us a summary of any training/teaching opportunities that you may be willing to offer. Any fees can be subsidised for the student by the Turath Scholarship Fund.
  • If 100 people could donate as little as £5 per month we can initiate this project with an annual income of £6000 which can begin to make an impact in communities throughout the whole of UK.

Wasalaamu Alaikum
Dr Imran Satia
Turath Scholarship Fund